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 Ideale Ansicht der Akropolis und des Areopag in Athen



A total of eight guiding principles outline the foundations of our digital strategy. They form the basis of our actions in the digital age.

Open for all.

We want to amplify and provide easy access to all our museum branches and original artworks with meaningful digital tools for everyone.

We strive for a direct dialogue with our visitors in order to better understand and respect their interests.
We welcome our visitors in both analogue and digital spaces with equal appreciation.
We offer our museum guests selective digital offers that will enrich their personal experience with art.
We heighten the quality of your stay by providing a reliable digital infrastructure.
We improve the experience of our international guests.

„Digital communication helps us to transparently convey all our museum activities.“Both the digital world and the Digital Strategy will continue to evolve, they will not render printed catalogues superfluous, and they will lead us directly towards the original work of art. We invite you to explore this synergy.“

Dr. Bernhard Maaz

Director General of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen

Experience originals digitally.

The original artworks take centre stage. With the help of digital means, we are able create the greatest possible transparency for our collection.

Our activities in the digital space always lead us towards the original artworks.
It is our aim to make the works on view in our collection available to the public in the best-possible digital quality.
We promote the use of our online collection by communicating its potential and by providing various approaches.
To advance the “Münchner Note” and to achieve clear-cut and simplified conditions in dealing with pictorial rights, we are in constant exchange with an expert community.
We are dedicated to debate how original artworks are perceived in digital space.

„Digitisation does not replace fellow human beings, the social experience of community, or the sensory dimension of a place. But it helps, informs and communicates in a holistic sense. At the same time, it can broaden our horizons, enable networks and strengthen self-dependent learning.“

Jochen Meister

Head of Art Education

Electronic Publishing.

We continue to research and publish intensively, and we want to be perceived internationally to an even greater extent.

Our long-term goal is to reach an international audience and to publish in English.
We document and publish our lectures, specialist articles and findings at a central location.
We make our research results available in digital form.

Creating digital change together.

We support and promote digital awareness among all employees.

We promote the further education of our employees and encourage them to make use of digital tools and options.
Every employee is responsible for thinking the digital in their efforts.
All digital responsibilities are known and accessible to employees.
We define distinct digital skills and recognize their authority and position in the digital world.

On the pulse of time.

We examine whether analogue processes can be digitally simplified and optimized, and we are attentive to developments in the outside world.

In areas in which we have no decision-making authority, we proactively approach the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts in order to point out the need for action and possible solutions.
We strive to constantly challenge our methods and to update our technical infrastructure.
We address relevant trends and market developments on a selective basis.

Optimise communication.

Transparent communication is the focus of our work. Digital tools help us to foster interpersonal interaction.

We explore digital possibilities that support in-house communication and implement them gradually.
Through digital means, we encourage feedback from employees and discuss such feedback in a transparent manner.
We consciously use means of communication to disseminate content, document decisions or coordinate internal processes.
We communicate with the public according to the medium in question without distorting the identity of the Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen.

„Society has become more pluralistic, and many things appear increasingly short-lived. Through our varied communicative activities, we respond to a drastic change in media behaviour and constantly search for new ways to reach the public – in close coordination with established communication channels and within the bounds of our budgetary possibilities.“

Tine Nehler

Head of Press

Working securely with data.

In the digital world, the volume of data is constantly increasing. We are committed to meeting this challenge.

We create an internal sensibility for data security so that all employees are made aware of rules and restrictions.
We facilitate access to relevant work files and avoid local storage.

Conserving resources.

Our tasks have grown immensely as a result of digitisation, yet our human resources have not.

All digital measures are prioritized according to their benefit, effort and costs.
We strive to implement efficient systems to systematically alleviate the strain on employees.
We avoid isolated solutions – all measures should optimally integrate into already existing infrastructures.